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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kenshi Yonezu「BOOTLEG」4th Album

Kenshi Yonezu「BOOTLEG」4th Album

「Peace Sign」TV Anime Boku no Hero Academia S2 Opening
「orion」TV Anime Sangatsu no Lion Ending 2


01. Hien
02. Loser
03. Peace Sign
04. Sunanowakusei [+ Hatsune Miku]
05. orion
06. Kaijyuunomarch
06. Moonlight
07. Shunrai
08. Fogbound
09. Number Nine
10. Alice
11. Nighthawks
12. Uchiagehanabi (Kenshi Yonezu ver.)
13. Haiirotoao [+ Masaki Suda]


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